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PADI Education

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Gathering over 25 millions of passionate divers, the PADI Education skills enables the divers from all around the world to reach their goals through a guaranteed, completed and international program.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the biggest organization worldwide to train scuba-diving skills. Initiated in the United States of America, this association guide divers under water with all the safety needed for over 50 years. Moreover, the association raise awareness among the hidden beauty of the under water nature as well as the necessity to protect it.

The training on each level takes three steps:

  • theory education: through the website or within a diving center PADI certificated.

  • Several scuba-dives in a pool or in the sea in a protected area to train on techniques.

  • Several scuba-dives in the sea in real situation in order to experience every skills you have learned.

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